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About The Bespoke

Bespoke is a word that is thrown around a lot nowadays by many shops, from the retail shops to the golden streets of Saville Row. But when does the word bespoke actually mean? Bespoke used to mean that something has been spoken for, but through the years, the word has come to mean that something is made specifically for an individual.

A bespoke garment means that a particular garment is made for you and only you. Since the pattern and the design is completely made from scratch, we can take all the minute details into consideration and craft a garment that will be uniquely yours and one of a kind.

With bespoke tailoring, there is no pre-set designs or patterns, so we can work with you on a blank sheet of paper and create a special design that shows who you really are. From a handmade buttonhole on your lapel to an elbow patch to a Spalla Camicia shoulder, we are one of the few in Malaysia that can deliver what you want. You get to choose exactly what you want to express with your garment, while our professional style consultants will give you tips and guide you through the steps of how to get the perfect suit.

If you trouble with making your design or would like some help, we will help you express what you want. Our tailor's fashion sense will ensure you stand out in a crowd, as proven by our 2 Excellence awards in the National congress of the Federation of Malaysian Tailors Guilds Malaysia.

A Bespoke Experience

As we get to know you, our services changes to cater to you better, giving services that completely personalized and top notch with our highly trained service staff. Your profile, measurements, notes and tastes will be noted and stored so that the next time you visit us, it will be just like coming home.

Nowadays making a bespoke suit is akin to women's haute couture, or high end fashion. We pride ourselves on being able to craft things that require a very high level of skill and is extremely rare in Malaysia such as our Milanese buttonholes, which only a small amount of people can make in Malaysia, handmade buttonholes, Hand canvassed jackets, and many more. In this way we guarantee you that we can give you everything you and need.

Our large range of fabrics will make sure that you can find what you want in the color you want, from the mills of Scabal and Holland and Sherry in London to the Italian town of Biella, the home of Ermenegildo Zegna, Immerse yourself in luxury with premium cloths and materials.

Sayap garment's workmanship is unparalleled as our clothes are made in-house, hence maintaining very close relationships and communications with the tailors and cutters to make sure every last detail is perfect. Each item is then rigorously checked and checked to maintain top notch quality and standards.

So what are you waiting for? Pamper and lose yourself in the fashion utopia that is Sayap Bespoke Tailor today.