In today's modern society, many people are resorting to buying jackets and clothes off the racks as they can see the products and it is all for the sake of convenience. However, most people do not know that with just a little bit more time, and perhaps even for the same price, they can get much higher quality clothes.

Some premium brands sell items at high price but make it at a low cost to maximize profits and use their brand name to jack up the prices. Each item of clothing is the same, however they do not consider that everyone is different, hence even if you fit that size, the garment might not fit you like it should, leaving something lacking.

Enter Sayap Bespoke. We have recognized the need for affordable good quality clothing that fits perfectly and is fast and easy to get. Our made to measure suits and clothing follow a pattern that is drawn out by our award-winning master cutters and then tailored to your body to ensure you the perfect fit.

Unlike suits off the rack, quality is a must for us even at lower price, so we use premium grade fusing and materials to ensure your suits lasts for years without looking tired and worn out. Each jacket is made meticulously by hand to ensure that quality is maintained at a high standard.


If you do not wish to have a jacket, our enormous choice of shirting material will spoil you. Tailoring your shirts with us ensure that you get the material you want in the manner you want, be it a breezy linen shirt for a beach company event, or a cotton shirt for daily work, our cutters and tailors will make sure you are comfortable at any turn.

Don't forget, one of the most important things that affect how we feel and act through the day are our pants, a badly fitted or cut pants can have you holding up your pants, wheezing, or moving slowly in fear of bursting the seams. That will not be a problem as we will take all your measurements into account with our made to measure pants that will allow you to breeze through the hectic workday comfortably and with confidence.

If you want, why not drop by our shop and chat with our friendly tailors? If you do decide to make anything, it won't cost you more than 15 minutes of your time, unlike hours of time spent and lost browsing for the right style and size at the shopping mall.

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